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We are manufacturers and exporters of various MS Structure products, Welded Steel tubes, Black steel tubes, Carbon Steel tubes and G.I. Steel tubes & Pipes.
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MS Structure

Our clients can avail from us a wide range of M.S. Structure in various technical specifications. These find extensive applications in city construction projects and other structure-enhancing projects. Offered at industry leading rates our range is best known for precision design and durability.

We are on the top manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of MS Structure, Mild Steel Structure, MS Steel Structure, Steel MS Structure from India.

We are one of respected traders and suppliers of Structural Steel, which are widely used for varied industrial application. These have the ability to withstand harsh working environment and are available at industry leading prices.

Our wide range of M.S. Structure comprises the following:

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MS Angles
We are reputed manufacturer of MS angles comprising of different sizes and structures. Our MS angles are popular in the midst of various industries for their high degree of accuracy. We manufacture mild steel angles by the use of hundred per cent steel as a consequence we are a reputed steel angles manufacturer.
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MS Sheets
We are offering MS Sheets, M.S. Sheets and mild steel sheets which are used for structural, mechanical and general engineering purpose. These ms sheets and mild steel sheets confirm to various standards like....
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MS Beams

Our organization is engaged in offering an extensive range of MS Beams.We are the manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of extensive range of MS Beams in India.Backed by our sound expertise, we present an array of MS beams that are designed and manufactured in accordance with industrial requirements. Known for their properties of durability, sturdiness, corrosion resistance and fire resistance, our beams are the most preferred choice of the worldwide architects. These are used for constructing bridges, buildings, transmission line etc.

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TMT Bars

Spark Electrodes Pvt Ltd., a state-of-the art fully automatic rolling mill, is the first of its kind in New Delhi and Ghaziabad Area. Set with an objective of manufacturing quality rolled TMT bars The mill is located at Sahibabad  Near Noida (India) and is spread over an area of 9 acres. Committed to excellent performance in quality,

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MS Bars

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting, supplying of mild steel products like mild steel bars, ms bars, mild steel angles, mild steel channels, ms flat sections and other products made of mild steel.

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MS Channel

For any building to stand up high channels are the key requirements and we intend to provide the best quality mild steel channels to our customers. We belong to one of the major MS U channel manufacturers in India.

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MS Flat Sections

Our organization is engaged in supplying of MS Flat Sections. We are one of the top manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of MS Flat Sections. Recognised as a leading supplier of construction materials, we deal in Steel Flats, MS Black Flat Sections as well.

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MS Pipe,MS Pipe Manufactures,MS Pipe Exporters,MS Pipe Suppliers,MS Pipes,MS Pipes Manufacturers,MS Pipes Exporters,MS Pipes Suppliers.
MS Pipe

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of MS Pipes.We manufacture and export high precision MS Pipe, MS Pipes and ERW MS Round Black Pipe. Our brands are no doubt the first choice of all the architects, agriculturists, builders, engineers and fabricators in the industry. Our plant employs the latest welding process for manufacturing pipes, using the finest virgin steel from renowned steel plants in India like JSW, ISPAT, and SAIL.

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MS Hollow Sections

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of MS Pipes.We manufacture and exporters, suppliers and exporters of construction steel such as MS MS Hollow Sections.

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MS Rail

We have firmly positioned ourselves as the most prominent MS Rails Exporter and one of the prime Suppliers of the same. Use of premium mild steel in the production assures high durability of Mild Steel Rails.

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