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Elbow 45 deg

45 degree elbow, also called "45 bends or 45 ells" are typically made as LR (Long Radius) elbows. Available in various sizes (in mm or inches), 45 degree pipe elbow is available with different male to female BSP thread connections. Providing a wide choice of colors, these
elbows can be manufactured to meet different specifications, in terms of size and diameter.

They can be made from different materials like 3 ply material, silicone etc and both long and short radius elbows are available in the market..

We are the manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and distributors of 45 Degree Elbow.

45 Degree Elbow Manufacturers,45 Degree Elbow Exporters,45 Degree Elbow Suppliers,45 Degree Elbow Distributors

45 Degree Elbow Manufacturers | 45 Degree Elbow Exporters | 45 Degree Elbow Suppliers | 45 Degree Elbow Distributors

Manufacturers of 45 Degree Elbow | Exporters of 45 Degree Elbow | Suppliers of 45 Degree Elbow | Distributors of 45 Degree Elbow


45 degree elbow find frequent applications in:

  • Water supply facilities
  • Food industrial pipeline networks
  • Chemical industrial pipeline networks
  • Electronic industrial pipeline networks
  • Air conditioning facility pipeline
  • Agriculture and garden production transporting system
  • Pipeline network for solar energy facility
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Smooth finish
  • Long service life
  • Leak proof
45 Degree Elbow Manufacturers,45 Degree Elbow Exporters,45 Degree Elbow Suppliers,45 Degree Elbow Distributors
Fitting Size Specifications:

The standard specifications of pipe fittings that are globally accepted are Metric and Standard English.

Given below are a variety of choices available according to industry standards and customer advantage.

Metric Sizes
Metric sizes measure in millimeter and vary from as small as 10mm to as large as1000mm.

10mm - 20mm
20mm - 30mm
30mm - 40mm
40mm - 50mm
50mm - 100mm
100mm - 200mm
200mm - 500mm
500mm - 1000mm


Standard English Sizes:
Standard English sizes are calibrated in inches and their size ranges from 1/8" to 36".

1/8" 2" 10" 26"
1/4" 2 1/2" 12" 28"
3/8" 3" 14" 30"
1/2" 3 1/2" 16" 32"
3/4" 4" 18" 34"
1" 5" 20" 36"
1 1/4" 6" 22" Other Size <36"
1 1/2" 8" 24" Other Size >36"

Fitting End Criteria

Pipe Thread - Male
In this category, tapered pipe threads like NPT, BSPT etc are used which are basically for the purpose of sealing without gaskets.

Pipe Thread - Female
Pipe Thread - Female is same as Pipe Thread - Male. Here too, tapered pipe threads such as NPT, BSPT, etc are used which is specifically for sealing without gaskets.

Straight Thread -
Male Straight pipe threads such as UNC, UNF, ASME, etc form Straight Thread - Male.

Straight Thread -
Female Straight Thread - Female also includes straight pipe threads such as UNC, UNF, ASME, etc.

Plain End
Plain End is used to insert into the bell end of the connecting pipe.

Bell / Socket / Flare
It is the end length of increased diameter into which a pipe end can be fitted.

There are two types of flanges, circular and square. These are used to connect fitting, typically via bolting or welding.

Compression Fitting
Compression fitting includes compression nut and ferrule by which it connects to a mating pipe.

Pipe Clamp End
Pipe Clamp End is designed in such a way so that it is attached to run on pipe or other fitting.

Barb / Rib
Barbs and ridges comprise fitting ends. They connect only non-rigid pipe or hose, or sometimes used with a clamped end.

Groove is for the installation of a coupling feature such as an o-ring or elastomeric seal.

Features Criteria

Lined Pipe Fittings
In order to protect pipes against the unwanted deterioration and to enhance the properties of the fittings, there are a number of lining options that are avaiable in the market. Lined pipe fittings are manufactured with an integral lining that are mostly made from engineered polymers used with process materials or with other applications like food processing. It is done taking into consideration the importance of cleanliness and hygiene factors.

The lining material selected for the service is generally inert and has suitable and broad temperature ranges. Most severe service applications can be handled by using corrosion and abrasion resistant ceramic materials. Some of the popular lining products are PP, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, MFA etc.

Plated Pipe Fittings
Pipe fittings are that are plated with different materials in order to impart the required properties are called plated pipe fittings. These are mostly plated with materials such as nickel and chrome.

These platings are used to prevent corrosion and also to improve the exterior appearance of the pipe. They also help in increasing the longetivity of the pipes and it is enhanced significantly if the plating is done with a durable material of good quality.
Underground Rated Pipe Fittings
These pipe fittings are designed and constructed for underground application. Since the application of these pipes is below the ground, some rules have been formulated. It is mandatory that underground piping shall be buried not less than 18 inches below the surface of the ground unless otherwise protected, and shall be adequately coated or otherwise protected against corrosion. Pipe coated as follows will be considered acceptable if it is:
  • Clean and prime.
  • Coated with asphalt enamel.
  • Wraped with forty-pound felt or Kraft paper.
Though materials like PVC or CPVC can be used, it is advisable to use ABS as it a heavy-duty plastic pipe and can successfully meet the requirements of underground drainage and sewer applications.
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